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Are you having a Leadership Wake-Up Call?

A leadership wake-up call can take many forms.  Below are several clear signs that a wake-up call is needed from the personal, team and organizational perspectives: 

On a Personal Leadership Perspective:

  • When your best efforts fail to achieve the intended goals
  • When your leadership style is out of sync with the organization’s culture
  • When you know what needs to be done but can not bring yourself or successfully engage others to do it
  • When your organization is faced with complex situations or a high degree of change and you do not know what to do
  • When maintaining position is turning out to be more important than addressing critical issues

On a Team Leadership Perspective:

  • When your team members do not respond to your leadership style
  • When you struggle to lead and the team suffers
  • When team members appear to be only somewhat engaged or passion is flagging
  • When there is excessive conflict
  • When attempts at constructive feedback sounds and feels like arguments and complaint

On An Organizational Leadership Perspective:

  • When initiatives fail because people are not engaged 
  • When your leadership team does not know how to lead
  • When delivering the mission and vision have been replaced by trying to survive
  • When tactical steps masquerade as strategic initiatives 
  • When personal agendas becomes more important than the organization’s ability to thrive
  • When people are frustrated and can not effectively address issues
  • When management trumps leadership and change is stymied
  • When leadership and strategy are not complemented with sound tactical management

When you are having a Leadership Wake-Up Call, experiencing any of the symptoms above, it is time to engage an experienced professional, contact Wayne Gerber from Sungate Advisors. He can help you address the core issues.


Sungate Advisors is very pleased to announce the publication of its first book in association with Dusty Staub of Staub Leadership International: Dynamic Focus - Creating Significance and Breaking the Spells of Limitations. For more information, click here.


"With other leadership programs you get the 'leadership manual,' but no one
gives you the inside. Wayne gives you the inside.”

- Mike Fellers, former Vice President, Marketing
Kay Chemical Company